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I’m thrilled you’ve taken the time to explore my website. This is where I’ll reveal my inner most secrets and my bank account info. I’M KIDDING, OF COURSE! What I will share is a little bit about myself, some personal photos and a peek into my personality. At least as much as you can on a screen. Then I’ll bring it back around to the real reason you’re here – how I approach documenting your special day.

Having started my business over 10 years ago now, my website has become a sort of time capsule. Past weddings, babies who are big kids now, and my own family and all our changes. Instead of wiping this page clean for my website refresh, I thought it would be fun to compare then and now.

No need to be alarmed, I promise I’m totally sane, just a bit goofy.


That guy with me – he’s my hubby. We’ve been married for a longggg time, and I can’t imagine life without him. He’s my rock. I like to think I won him over with my fab phone skills (that’s called “sarcasm” – really I’m a spaz), and my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious spelling (thank goodness for spell check).
We have four beautiful girls with four different personalities with a recent addition of Scruffy our rescue dog. There will be a PayPal donation button at the end of this to help pay for the wig I’ll need after going through their teenage years.
I’m singing pretty much all the time. I think I’m trying to replicate living in a musical. Women’s barbershop – I know you’re thinking straw hats and canes. We ditched that stuff and have replaced it with lots of sparkle. I spend some of my free time singing with Harbor City Music Company, a women’s barbershop chorus which is part of the Sweet Adeline’s. I’m also slightly obsessed with The Walking Dead and all things zombies’ way before it was cool. Talk about contrasting worlds!
Not much has changed. Mike is still my #1, partner in crime, my life long love. Homebodies at heart, but we love our little getaways.
Good news - I still have my hair. We've made it to the tail end of the teenage years, and have loved watching them grow into young women. Our circle has expanded to include a cat, Luci, and some pretty terrific guys. There will be some weddings, so maybe I should still include the PayPal donation button. 😉
I'm still singing with Harbor City Music Company despite all the challenges of 2020. In between "Now" and "Then", I've branched out into the quartet world. I sing with 3 other fabulous ladies who also like to be just as silly and goofy as I do. My love of zombies endures even though my interest has waned for The Walking Dead. Maybe it was loss of Rick or not enough zombie action. Either way, it's not must see TV. Give me your suggestions for you favorite horror shows or movies. I'm all ears!

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I am a collector of moments. I believe photography should transport you back your special day, and the best photos show what really happened. All the fun, nerves, the little glances and the big feelings. I take a very quiet approach to documenting events. By doing so, I’m able to capture real moments in real time. My portraits have a natural, relaxed feel to them with a sensitive awareness to light and an artistic yet documentary feel to them. Beautiful, yet candid.

I like to think I’m an easy going person, so naturally it carries over into my work world. I show up excited, upbeat, flexible, and with a compassionate attitude. The day is about the two of you, not about me. I’ll be there to make you laugh, have your back and add to your fun.